Different Ways To Do Exercise

In the beginning, when you are planning to lose weight it becomes very difficult for you to control diet as well as do exercise. You become lazy and week and your energy level is zero. What can you do in such situations? Everyone cannot afford or go to the gym. Homemakers have to look after their kids so how would they take out time to do so? So there are some wonderful solutions that they can do:

Change lifestyle

At the beginning of the first week, it is better not to do any exercise just change your lifestyle. Move from one place to another without reason. Get up and grab a pen from a table that is far from you. Go to kitchen to drink a glass of water again and again. Go to the door to open every time a bell rings; that just moves you as much as you can.

For walking

  • Develop stamina

In week two your stamina would have developed just start from five minutes walk in your room, in your lounge, in your drawing room where ever accessible and possible. No matter if you don’t have big grounds.

  • Third week

In the third week, this 5 minutes walk should be converted to 5 minutes thrice a day. It could be morning; when you wake up; evening: when you plan to have your tea and night; half an hour before or after the dinner.

  • Fourth week

In the fourth week develop a habit of wearing good joggers and do the focused walk. When I say focused walk, it means that you are not wearing any hands free, or holding and mobile or having no one with you. Just focus on your walk. Don’t talk to anyone. Focus and walk, but wear proper joggers. While walking free enjoy that good you feel. After a few days increase speed and feel that how good it is. 30 to 45 minutes would be a good time if you are having a healthy diet routine. If you are underweight; drink shakes after the walk but if you are overweight or obese drink juices after the walk.

If you are bored

If you are actually bored from walk than change your exercise; shift from walk to yoga or dance or aerobics. There are numerous awesome videos available on the internet that you can watch and follow. Not only this you can also try skipping, running, badminton, cricket or any other sports that you enjoy.

Take a break

Remember to take a break at least once a week it’s not good if you do any whole exercise week. One break is very important.


In a quiet room or open place that is not surrounded by people; right after walk close your eyes and sit quietly for 5 – 7 and feel good about your self and others. Feel that everything will get good and better. This is very important to make you feel happy and positive and gives extra energy to move on.